Adventure in Africa

A dream adventure in Africa

Katrina travels to Africa to photograph and work with Action in Africa, a non-profit organization that strives to educate, inspire, and empower people in Uganda to become the next leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs in their country.

In partnership with Action in Africa, Katrina has developed a photography program in the school curriculum, where she teaches children about documenting the fleeting moments in life. She plans to return to Africa every year to keep giving back to the place and people that have stolen her heart. In addition to Action in Africa, she will also be photographing and working with non-profit organizations supporting wildlife conversation.

Returning in Fall 2018, Katrina asks for your help and support to continue documenting an amazing non-profit and to grow Every Camera Counts. Please visit Fundly to donate and support Katrina’s work in Africa.

“Remember one thing, that you should not leave the earth until you have made it a little more beautiful, a little lovelier, a little more loving.” -Osho

Africa Gallery

The kids from Action in Africa warmed my heart and melted it. They showed me love, laughter and happiness like I have never experienced. All the words I would like to express about my experience are within these photos and their smiles.


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